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iCalDate Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 _EpochFromParts ()
 _GMTEpochFromParts ()
 _GMTTextFromEpoch ()
 _PartsFromText ()
 _TextFromEpoch ()
 AddDays ($dd)
 AddDuration ($duration)
 AddMonths ($mo)
ApplyBySetPos ($bysplist, $set)
 DateDifference ($from)
 DaysInMonth ($mo=false, $yy=false)
 GetMonthByDay ($byday)
 GetMonthByMonthDay ($bymonthday)
 GetWeekByDay ($byday, $increasing=false)
 GreaterThan ($lesser)
 iCalDate ($input)
 LessThan ($greater)
MonthDays ($dow_first, $days_in_month, $dayspec)
 Render ($fmt= 'Y-m-d H:i:s')
 SetEpochDate ($input)
 SetGMTDate ($input)
 SetLocalDate ($input)
 SetMonthDay ($dd)
 SetWeekStart ($weekstart)
 TestByMonth ($monthlist)

Public Attributes


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