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iCalDate::GetMonthByMonthDay ( bymonthday )

Applies any BYMONTHDAY to the month to return a set of days

string$bymonthdayThe BYMONTHDAY rule
array An array of the day numbers for the month which meet the rule.

Definition at line 425 of file RRule.php.

References DaysInMonth().

    dbg_error_log( "RRule", " Applying BYMONTHDAY %s to month", $bymonthday );
    $days_in_month = $this->DaysInMonth();
    $dayrules = split(',',$bymonthday);
    $set = array();
    foreach( $dayrules AS $k => $v ) {
      $v = intval($v);
      if ( $v > 0 && $v <= $days_in_month ) $set[$v] = $v;
    asort( $set, SORT_NUMERIC );
    return $set;

Here is the call graph for this function:

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